Adding Integers

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Your sixth and seventh graders deepen their understanding of a number line and adding integers in this concrete, hands-on activity. Learners play "Warehouse Puzzle" and then discuss their game strategies and the characteristics of negative numbers. Then they label a life-size number line with equally spaced positive and negative numbers mirrored around zero. Then some real-life thermometer scenarios further the conceptual understanding of positive and negative numbers and their operations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Make the life-size number line with masking tape, with eleven equally spaced tick marks and a zero on the center tick mark
  • Encourage a rich and interactive discussion of concepts and strategies by projecting the interactive resources while implementing the lesson 

  • Includes vocabulary
  • Includes lesson plan
  • Includes differentiation suggestions
  • Includes assessment
  • Includes real-life application in the form of an accounting game

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