Lesson Plan

Agriculture Awareness Through Poetry

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This Agriculture Awareness Through Poetry lesson plan also includes:

Whether you are viewing a landscape painting of a farm, examining a still-life portrait of a bowl of fruit, or reading a descriptive poem about cultivating food, you can't deny that agriculture plays a major role in visual and language arts. Study four such poems with a short activity unit that features poetry by Robert Frost, Agnes Maxwell-Hall, Marianne Moore, and Dr. L.H. Pammel.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign during a poetry unit, or in conjunction with a social studies unit on food production
  • Use as sub plans in a life science or language arts class
  • Divide the class into four groups and give each group a poem to study and present to the class
Classroom Considerations
  • Expectations of each page vary from answering multiple-choice questions to writing complete essays
  • Final letter to George Washington Carver may be indecipherable to some readers; consider working together as a class to interpret its meaning
  • Activities do not address deeper meanings or themes of each poem, focusing instead on vocabulary
  • Each poem provides examples of rich, vivid language
  • Includes an answer key

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