Alabama Tenant Farmers and Sharecroppers, 1865 to Present

This Alabama Tenant Farmers and Sharecroppers, 1865 to Present lesson plan also includes:

The tenant farming and sharecropping systems that developed in the South after the Civil War, the reasons for their development, and the eventual decline of these systems are the focus of this two-day plan.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have groups compare the sharecropping system with the migrant labor system
Classroom Considerations

  • A link to a related lesson is provided below
  • The lesson presumes class members have knowledge of the congressional plan for Resconstruction and the role of the Freedmen's Bureau during Reconstruction

  • The six-page packet includes background information for instructors, links to the primary source documents and related resources, worksheets, a writing prompt, and rubric

  • Instructors must provide their own transcriptions of the difficult-to-read primary source documents
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