"All About Me" Printables

Find out a few of your pupils' favorite things with this printable for the first day of school. Kids fill out information about themselves, their favorite things, and their friends. This resource includes a first day printable for every grade from preschool to seventh grade.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have kids interview each other and fill out the paper as they talk; they can cover favorite things, but maybe allow the owner of the page to fill out favorite friends
  • Send this home with kids after you've taken a look so that parents can see their work as well
Classroom Considerations

  • For younger students, like preschoolers and kindergartners, you may need to sit down with each individual and write down their responses to the prompts
  • There is a box where you or your students can attach a photo; you may need to assign kids to take photos of one another or provide them with pictures of themselves a few days later (a photo printer will certainly make this easier)

  • The printable is visually appealing
  • Provides an opportunity for you to quickly get to know a few things about each new learner

  • None