American History Impact of the Women’s Movement

This American History Impact of the Women’s Movement lesson plan also includes:

Take a look at important images that depict the women's suffrage movement, the support for the Equal Rights Amendment, and wage equity for women over the last two centuries. As class members work through a lesson on primary source analysis, they discuss how far women's rights have come, and how far they have yet to go.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Incorporate into a lesson about women's suffrage, or when discussing voting rights
  • Have class members conduct additional research about famous suffragettes in American history
  • Laminate the images for use over multiple classes or years
Classroom Considerations

  • Some images are in color, or the quality is low; if they won't work for your classroom, you could find some equivalent images online

  • Encourages readers to come to their own conclusions with a variety of image types
  • Helpful for a U.S. history class or language arts class when discussing literature about women's suffrage or equal rights
  • Provides a graphic organizer to note observations and analysis

  • None