Americans in Great Britain: 1942-1945

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Watch the pivotal moments of America's presence in embattled Britain during World War II with an exceptional interactive tool. From personal stories about life on the front lines to a map that tracks every group and division throughout each battle, the resource is a must-have for any American or World History class.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use during a day with a class set of tablets or on a computer lab day
  • Have learners explore the interactive at home and come to school the next day with notes and observations
  • Encourage pupils to follow one specific air group, bombardment group, armored division, or other American troop, and track their movement in the interactive timeline 
Classroom Considerations
  • Navigation is based on the interactive tool; learners can't scroll or navigate on their own
  • Timeline buttons open with a video that users can skip if they want
  • Focuses on America's role in Britain during the period between December 1941 and post-war May 1946
  • The first of 14 resources in the collection
  • Includes encyclopedia entries for key terms
  • Multimedia experience combines primary and secondary sources
  • Goes into deep detail on the groups and bases of the US Army, US Army Air Forces, and US Navy in the context of the time period and battles
  • A helpful tool for whole-class projection or individual computers or tablets
  • None