America's History in the Making: Using Digital Technologies

This America's History in the Making: Using Digital Technologies unit also includes:

How can digital technology of today link us to the events of the past? Scholars use technology to uncover the vast number of historical resources available in lesson 12 of a 22-part America's History in the Making series. Using databases and the Internet, groups locate online primary sources, cartoons, maps, and firsthand accounts to gain a better understanding of American history. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • To better connect to learning objectives, assign groups of four, so each member plays to an individual strength
  • Explore a digital source together as a class to set the tone for what is expected from the group work
Classroom Considerations
  • Workshop is designed for a full day (six hours)
  • Class must possess background technology knowledge prior to the implementation of the lesson
  • Lesson provides hard copies of primary sources in the event of technology issues
  • Resource includes key reflection questions to lead discussion after each activity
  • None