An Anti-Hero of Ones Own

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The antihero, the flawed protagonist of so much of contemporary literature such as Fahrenheit 451, is the subject of a short video that traces the fall from grace of the divine heroes of classical literature to the flawed, far more human protagonists of contemporary works. Because of the rapid pace and the complexity of the concepts, consider pausing the video periodically to check for understanding and to discuss the concepts presented.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Opportunity to Find & Flip the video: create your own multiple choice and/or open answer questions to check for understanding, add additional resources, or create a discussion question for an online open forum (requires free online registration)
  • Includes a check for understanding with multiple choice and short-answer questions under the Think link
  • Links to additional resources provided by the Dig Deeper button

  • The quick pace and complexity of the concepts discussed may leave some viewers behind
  • Short on examples of contemporary antiheroes