An Introduction to Claude Levi-Strauss’s Structural Anthropology

Claude Levi-Strauss’s Structural Anthropology contends that distance and details separate world cultures—and not much else. High schoolers watch a short explanatory video to learn more about the theory of structuralism, the societial pursuit of reconciling binary opposites, and the commonalities of basic human needs in every culture.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Flip the classroom by assigning the video as a homework assignment and discussing the main points in class the next day
  • Use the video as a basic introduction to an anthropology unit when discussing commonalities across culture
  • Include Levi-Strauss's text as a source in a larger anthropology project
Classroom Considerations

  • Access the full video analysis at the publisher's website
  • Use full-screen mode to avoid showing the comment section of the video

  • Employs an understandable analogy of two different toy factories to describe multiple cultures
  • Animation is engaging for all reading levels

  • None