An Introduction to Francis Fukuyama's The End of History

Francis Fukuyama's The End of History and the Last Man is the subject of a short political analysis video. High schoolers learn more about Fukuyama's view of liberal democracy and political rivalry, and why he believed that the generation following the end of the Cold War would be known as "the last man."

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners watch the video at home and come to class with discussion questions ready
  • Use at the end of a world history class curriculum, or as the basis for a world politics unit
Classroom Considerations

  • Fukuyama's perspective is contested by other historians, and is dated to 1991; provide a counterpoint to his argument
  • Comment section is open to the public and is full of varying opinions
  • The full analysis is available on the publisher's website

  • Condenses a complicated concept into an understandable presentation
  • Animation is engaging to learners of all levels

  • None