Anatomy and Simple Commands

This Anatomy and Simple Commands lesson plan also includes:

Poor Joe is all in pieces, and he needs learners to learn the Latin words for his body parts so that they can put him back together! Learners work as a class first to perform whole-body reconstruction, and then individually. In addition, class members participate in a vocabulary chant, complete a worksheet, and work in groups to draw their own body to color and label with the vocabulary. Close the day with a presentation, and reinforce the terms with the second instructional activity included here, which uses a game of Simon says to teach commands

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use these two lesson separately or one after the other
Classroom Considerations

  • Joe Body Parts is a little strange looking, but all of his body parts are clearly labeled and easy to differentiate from one another

  • Incorporates activities suitable for multiple learning styles
  • Includes whole-class, individual, and group work
  • Comes with printables for Joe Body Parts and other necessary worksheets
  • Second lesson provides instructions for how to play Simon dicit as well as flash cards

  • None