AP Physics 1: Simple Harmonic Motion Review

This AP Physics 1: Simple Harmonic Motion Review ap test prep also includes:

Does your class feel unprepared for the upcoming exam? Use this video to review the simple harmonic motion concepts that will appear on the AP Physics exam. While maintaining interest and a fast pace, the presenter not only reviews the material, but also offers test-taking tips and addresses common misconceptions.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Perfect for a flipped classroom
  • Have viewers record three concepts they are most confident with and the three concepts they would like to spend class time reviewing
Classroom Considerations

  • Use as an end-of-course review rather than right after teaching the topic
  • The eighth in a series of 12 test-prep videos

  • Comprehensive review of the subject matter
  • Presenter is knowledgeable about the AP Physics exam and common errors
  • Complete lecture notes may be accessed through the link found in the Included Materials section listed below

  • Video pacing might be too fast for some viewers