Application Essays

There's a lot riding on good writing! Often, an application essay is the difference between acceptance and rejection. As part of a series on specific writing assignments and contexts, a handout helps scholars craft the perfect personal statement. The resource includes key questions to ask during the writing process and a discussion of common problems to avoid, such as using 15 words to express something that should only take eight.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Take a question or prompt from an actual graduate program and write sample essays to practice the format
  • Draft a bad application essay and use strategies discussed in the handout to help improve it
Classroom Considerations

  • Focuses on application essays for graduate programs, internships, and special programs, not college admissions essays

  • Links to other handouts to provide additional instruction on key aspects of the writing process
  • Breaks down the process into three key sections: pre-writing, drafting, and revision

  • Offers very few examples to support the information shared
  • Contains long paragraphs of text that make it difficult to skim
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