Architecture Adventure

A challenge to viewers: create your own personal space where you are free to relax and make as much noise as you want. Challenge accepted! Here is a video that focuses on the architectural side of engineering, as well as the process architects take to plan and build a successful design.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign a tree house building project that invites pupils to be creative in their designs and how they present it to the class 
  • Encourage scholars to write their tree house description in the comment section below the video 
Classroom Considerations

  • The episode asks viewers to let them know about the tree house they designed, however, an e-mail address is not provided; instruct scholars to leave their tree house details in the comments section 
  • The 16th in a series of 17 videos designed to inform science enthusiasts about the world of engineering 

  • Engineering process is revisited and explained in detail for those that have not watched the previous episodes in the series 
  • Designed for Next Generation Science Standards
  • Contains engaging graphics, cartoon characters, sound effects, and kid-friendly jokes 

  • The host talks very fast; be sure to pause, replay, and check for understanding