Art Masterpiece—Leonardo da Vinci Inventions

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After getting to know the inventor, Leonardo da Vinci and his many inventions, scholars think up their own invention. Following a written description and a hand-drawn picture, learners use a method of mirror writing and antiquing to give their product a sense of history.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Plan an inventors showcase in which class members discover a variety of inventors to spark interest before the lesson, or after to extend the learning experience 
  • Encourage pupils to share their work with their peers and compliment one another
  • Display finished products at Open House or Back-to-School Night
Classroom Considerations

  • Without the presentation, images of da Vinci's inventions are required 
  • Check materials list and provide yourself with ample prep-time

  • Includes several talking points 
  • Offers colored pictures of simple machines

  • A link is not provided for the presentation mentioned during the first and second portion of the lesson