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Articles: there are only three of them, but using the right one can be tricky. Support learners' instruction with a video that highlights the use of articles a, an, and the through detailed explanations, engaging examples, an interactive pop quiz, and a review.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Create a flipped classroom assigment; provide pupils with the link to watch at home saving class time for discussion
  • Follow along with a laser pointer to direct class members' attention to key details
  • Take screenshots of important information and display them as reference posters around the classroom 
Classroom Considerations

  • An ad appears at the start of the video 
  • Scholars should be familiar with vowels and consonants

  • The narrator speaks clearly and not too fast
  • The overall look of the video is simple and clean
  • Examples are accompanied by fun graphics and voices 

  • A lot of information is presented in a short amount of time. This may be challenging for some scholars; pause and replay as necessary 
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