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ArtStraw Architecture

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While architects and engineers don't often build with plastic straws and foam board, the same principles still apply. Challenging both the creativity and critical thinking of learners, this engaging design project is perfect for art and engineering classroom alike.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Grouping students in twos and threes facilitates collaboration while cutting the cost of materials
  • Have students research and replicate the design of famous towers and skyscrapers
  • For engineering classes add design challenges like best height/weight ratio or greatest weight supported
Classroom Considerations
  • Lesson can be taught to upper elementary, middle, or high school students
  • Corrugated plastic boards are called for in the lesson, but cardboard or foam board can be used as well
  • The length and complexity of this project can be adapted to fit the needs of your class
  • Illustrations are offered that demonstrate different building techniques
  • Photographs of sample projects are included
  • A video is provided that demonstrates the project
  • None