Back to School

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A new school year means building relationships with a new group of interesting, unique young children. Get the process started with this simple survey that asks for students' basic information as well as their favorite subject, and what they would like to be when they grow up.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Rather than including a photo of the children, have them create a self-portrait to glue on the sheet
  • Use this resource as an icebreaker activity, pairing up students and having them fill in the information about their partner
  • After completing the form, have the class walk around and share information about themselves with a certain number of their peers
  • Create a back-to-school bulletin board and display the finished copies of this worksheet, allowing students to read and learn more about their classmates
Classroom Considerations

  • Template is written in cursive, which may be challenging for younger children to read

  • Includes sentence frames that support children with completing the survey
  • Template provides a place to attach a photo of the child

  • None