Lesson Plan

Banks and Credit Unions (Part 1)

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Imagine you have money you want to save ... where do you put it?  Pupils investigate the similarities and differences of banks and credit unions as they determine where exactly to place their hard-earned money. Through a WebQuest, they research local banking establishments in the area before completing a Venn diagram on pros and cons of their findings. A fun, interactive online activity demonstrates roles banks and credit unions serve—and gives individuals the knowledge to tell the difference.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Create teams of students to complete the assignment to assist those who might struggle alone
  • Extend the lesson by inviting a guest speaker from a local bank to address the differences on banks and credit unions
Classroom Considerations
  • All students need to be online to complete the interactive assessment at the end of the lesson
  • Makes printable Venn diagrams available for classroom use
  • Includes primary resource links for the WebQuest in the lesson 
  • None