Basic Trigonometry and Radians

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A fabulous set of examples and problems that introduce basic trigonometry concepts, this packet is set apart by the care it takes to integrate both radians and degrees into the material. After defining radians, the author demonstrates the unit's usefulness in measuring angles throughout the material. A logical progression of topics through trignometric ratios and their applications makes this a great supplement, review, or replacement for your current trigonometry material.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Consider using as class work in a flipped classroom model, where learners watch videos and read about trigonometry and radians before class
  • Assign for a substitute plan as a wide-reaching basic trig review after covering this material in class
  • Create a scavenger hunt from the questions where players need to match the trigonometric function to the answer in radians and degrees
Classroom Considerations

  • Introductions to sections cover topics briefly, such as the Pythagorean Theorem or definition of a radian. However, these concepts might require further explanation to those new to the topics
  • Encourage young mathematicians to use paper beyond the small answer space left between problems, especially on word problems

  • Thorough descriptions and summaries of concepts, with examples, before each aligned set of problems
  • Each section builds in difficulty and material, growing gradually from basic triangle definitions through sophisticated trigonometry applications
  • Calculator instructions work for a variety of levels and brands of calculator

  • Answer key only provides solutions, not worked answers
  • No summative assessment available