Bastille Day

This Bastille Day worksheet also includes:

Eleven worksheets follow an informative reading about Bastille Day. Scholars complete sentences found in the reading by matching, filling in the blanks, and choosing from a series of multiple-choice questions. Participants spell and unscramble words and sentences. Small groups work collaboratively to list and answer questions. A 10-minute writing assignment concludes the packet. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have packets readily available for learners to start after they finish a more hands-on assignment about Bastille Day   
  • Give pupils the opportunity to choose which homework activity to complete 
  • Assign individual worksheets over the course of multiple days leading up or following Bastille Day 
Classroom Considerations

  • Bastille Day takes place on July 14
  • Several copies are required 

  • Worksheet objectives are clear and easy to follow 
  • Worksheets are well formatted with bold font and straight lines

  • Although stated, an answer key is not provided