Battle of Gettysburg

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On July 1, 1863 the Army of Northern Virginia, under the command of General Robert E. Lee met the Army of the Potomac, under the leadership of Major General George Meade. Considered the turning point of the war, the Battle of Gettysburg ended three days later, producing the largest number of casualties of any battle in the Civil War. Here’s an app that examines that battle through historic accounts, first person narratives, and photos.

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App Overview

Main Features:

  1. Summaries of the battle
  2. A menu of first-person accounts, photos, and maps
  3. Text and audio version of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
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Instructional Ideas

A digital textbook, this app could be used as a reference tool for group or individual research projects about the Battle of Gettysburg.

Classroom Considerations

Everything in this app has been excerpted from the larger “Civil War: America’s Epic Struggle,” that covers all aspects of the Civil War. That app would be a better purchase because, in addition to all the material in the Gettysburg app, it also provides an overview of the war, bios of all the military leaders, and statistics referenced by state and by battle so that learners can make comparisons.


  • Convenient source for photos and first-person narratives
  • Favorites, and Recently Viewed buttons are included for ease of navigation
  • Photos and text can be printed
  • Quality information

  • Reading level more appropriate for high school US history classes
  • Small-scale maps difficult to see
  • Text heavy
  • No interactive elements