Bedbugs. Seriously!?

Want to drastically reduce the number of naps attempted in class? Show a video about bedbugs! Learners discover a pest so persistent that entomologists are confounded by their resilience and adaptability. The narrator discusses our long-term relationship with bedbugs, how they vanished due to DDT, and how modern pesticides seem to have no effect on their ever-increasing numbers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video as a starter for a metamorphosis lesson, as bedbugs have an intermediate nymph stage
  • Assign a research project on bedbugs and the methods used to remove them once an infestation begins
Classroom Considerations

  • Some pupils may have personal experience with bedbugs, so it is important to stress that the creatures are very common in homes around the world

  • Content sheds light on how humans have unwittingly contributed to the bedbug problem through pesticide use and extensive travel
  • Narrator builds the story from prehistory to present day, illustrating the evolution of the bedbug

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