Beer's Law Lab

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Beer's Law can be used to measure the concentration of certain compounds in samples of food. In the concentration simulation, particpants change and measure the concentration of different solutions by manipulating various types of solutes, evaporation rates, and the amount of solvent. In the Beer's Law mode, individuals can measure varying solutions transmittance and absorbance rates using a virtual spectrophotometer. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Model both the concentration and Beer's Law mode in the simulation then allow pupils to use independently
Classroom Considerations
  • Teachers can create a free account and access lessons, teacher tips, and video primer
  • Assumes learners have a good grasp of spectrophotometry
  • Many ways for learners to manipulate the simulations
  • Simple, colorful graphics show projected wavelength color
  • Simulation is easy to use
  • None
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