Bees and Flowers – Partners in Pollination

This Bees and Flowers – Partners in Pollination lesson plan also includes:

Why are bees so important? After several activities where kids investigate the form and function of flowers, they learn about the different types of bees and label them. They then examine pollen under a microscope and decide which bees are responsible for pollinating them.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Divide the lessons according to your existing curriculum, or plan a life science unit around these activities
  • Bring in different examples of flowers for kids to examine
  • Extend any of the lessons to include a research project
Classroom Considerations

  • Designed for a rural science program in Oregon, but could connect to any set of standards
  • One lesson requires access to an entomologist and bee traps, but could be completed with modifications

  • Each lesson contains thorough instructions, worksheets, material lists, and tips
  • Fun for learners of all levels

  • None