Lesson Plan

Beginning Google Drive

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This Beginning Google Drive lesson plan also includes:

Lead your class through creating and sharing documents with Google Drive with a step-by-step activity. The document illustrates each step with screenshots and includes clear and effective instructions that prompt active engagement. Learners will certainly master the desired skills. Technology skills are becoming vital to school and career success, and the ability to navigate a computer and various programs is one of the most useful qualities you can teach your pupils. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Included screenshots clarify each step to prevent confusion
  • Clearly demonstrates how to create and share a document while tying this information into a class assignment; pupils should be able to work mostly independently
  • Since the document is online, any individual who gets stuck attempting this process for a second or third time can refer back to the resource
  • A rubric is provided at the end of the document
  • The document is ten pages long, so rather than printing a packet for every pupil, you might have individuals access the document online and record their responses on a separate sheet of paper
  • While you cannot click on the news site links, the URLs are simple enough to type into the search bar without issue
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