Beware of Nominalizations (AKA Zombie Nouns)

This Beware of Nominalizations (AKA Zombie Nouns) video also includes:

Save your sentences from the zombie apocalypse! All you need are juicy, verb-driven sentences. Watch the video to find out how to awaken the living dead in your writing, and then how to put the dead to rest and the life back into your writing. The narrator uses an extended metaphor and a series of examples to demonstrate one way to improve writing in this creatively animated video. Check out the additional materials for questions and activity ideas.

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  • Great animation and sound effects add extra character to each point the narrator makes
  • The zombie metaphor spices up a normally dry grammar topic
  • Flip and customize the lesson for your learners' needs

  • While the video presents useful information for developing writers, the material might go over the head of those with a weaker grasp on grammatical concepts