Bill Nye Explains Why Jupiter Is Like a Blender

Jupiter could make one mean smoothie! Discover how the massive planet helped shape the rest of our solar system through a Why with Nye! video from THNKR. The resource discusses Jupiter as the first planet in the solar system to form, how it caused the chemical elements to spread throughout the solar system, and how the process of diffusion works.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Share the diffusion demonstration with your Life Science co-workers and use it in your own classroom
  • Add the video to a lesson about the early days of our solar system or space exploration
Classroom Considerations

  • Some knowledge of the periodic table is helpful for watching the video

  • Content provides a fascinating look at the early days of the solar system
  • Narrator skillfully explains Jupiter's role as co-creator of the inner and outer planets

  • None
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