Binary Numbers

All you need is a zero and a one. Build pupils' understanding of binary values and number systems to gain familiarity with binary numbers. Using a hands-on activity and technology, scholars learn how the binary system works and its place value. By the end of the instructional activity, learners tare able to translate between binary and decimal numbers. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Provide practice for the class to convert from binary to decimal and vice-versa
  • Have the class determine the changes in the number of permutations that occur when adding an additional place in the circle and square patterns
Classroom Considerations

  • Some pupils will have difficulty with not seeing the binary number as a base-10 number
  • The lesson is the sixth in a series of 19

  • Videos provide content information for teachers and tips for the lesson
  • The lesson picks builds on the previous lesson and makes a connection between the two goals

  • None