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Biological Oceanographic Investigations – Call to Arms

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This Biological Oceanographic Investigations – Call to Arms lesson plan also includes:

How many simple machines does it take to make a robotic arm? An inquiry-based lesson explores that topic and challenges pupils to build a robotic arm that can stretch, turn, and more. A few questions help guide them in the right direction, but it is a true inquiry activity. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show videos of an ROV with an arm
  • If scholars show an interest in developing robotics, help them find a robotics competition or club to join
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires many common art supplies such as cardboard tubes, rubber bands, and styrofoam balls
  • 11th in a 16-part series
  • Includes many related lessons, links, and resources
  • Provides ideas for multiple applications
  • Details typical solutions based on the shape of the design, the functions, and more
  • None