Black Holes

Here's a black hole video that will definitely pull you in! Give pupils something to ponder as they explore the depths of the strangest entities in the universe. Topics include stellar mass and supermassive black holes, what you'd experience if approaching an event horizon, and how black holes warp our ideas of space and time.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Begin by asking the class what they already know about black holes; the video addresses several common misconceptions 
  • Pose the question: How did Einstein know so much? Then, extend the lesson by digging deeper into his theories on the behavior of black holes
Classroom Considerations

  • Make sure students are up to speed on the events that lead up to the death of a star

  • Despite the difficult content, the resource provides simple explanations of black hole conditions that are appropriate for middle and high school scholars
  • The animations within the video give learners perspective on what approaching a black hole would actually be like

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