Blank Number Lines Template

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It's no secret that number lines are one of the most useful tools for elementary math teachers. Offering a series of six separate number lines of differing scales, this versatile template can be used when teaching about anything from simple addition and subtraction to fractions and negative numbers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Have members of your class keep a copy of this template in their binders or math folders, using them throughout the year as support with completing math exercises
  • Laminate copies of this template or place them in plastic sheet protectors, allowing for students to use dry erase markers when modeling math problems
  • Use a copy of this template as a visual model during whole or small group instruction

  • Two number line versions are provided, one with spaces for 12 numbers and the other for 23 numbers
  • Number lines are divided into equal portions
  • Resource can be used across the elementary grade levels

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