Body Mass Index (BMI)

This Body Mass Index (BMI) lesson plan also includes:

How do you calculate your Body Mass Index, and why is this information a valuable indicator of health? Your class members will discover not only what BMI is and practice calculating it using the height and weight of six fictitious individuals, but in the process they will also learn valuable skills of interpreting information, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on evidence.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Activity worksheets provided, including two handouts that involve reading and interpreting information on a graph
  • Cross-curricular activity integrating science, health, and mathematics
  • Alternative mathematical equation included for those without Internet access

  • Ensure sensitivity throughout instruction, as topic may feel difficult for some learners
  • Make sure to convey BMI as one indicator, and not sole direct measure, of body fat and health, and that it is interpreted differently for boys and girls of different ages
  • Subject may be advanced for third and fourth graders
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