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Body Strength

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Your young learners will discover how muscular strength and endurance can increase with this truly hands-on activity! Beginning by writing an acrostic for the word strength, class members then engage in tracking their ability to squeeze a clothespin with their non-dominant hands over the course of two weeks, recording both their predictions and actual results. They then graph their performance data and evaluate their progress together as a class, and conclude by writing a new acrostic for strength designed with their recent discoveries in mind.

This is the second resource in a series of fitness and physical activity lessons.

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  • Simple, hands-on activity designed to explain an important concept
  • Information learned through inquiry and discovery
  • Cross-curricular activity that integrates scientific concepts, such as recording and graphing data, with physical education
  • Instructor may wish to incorporate more detailed information regarding the science behind how conditioning improves strength and endurance
  • Younger learners will need a lot of support on how to record data and track progress at home