Book Creator

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Build beautiful books in whatever style you'd like with an intuitive and adaptable app for constructing books. Kids can add images, drawings, text, and audio to make books about any subject. When complete, learners can wrap up the process by publishing their work.

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App Overview

When you first open Book Creator, you'll be presented with a tutorial book that shows you how to work the app. The book was created in the app, so you can play with the images and try out some features while you read.

To Create a Book:

  1. Tap New Book
  2. Select a shape (portrait, square, landscape)
  3. Use the plus sign at the top of the app to:
    • Add photos from your device
    • Take pictures with your camera
    • Write or draw something freehand
    • Type in text
    • Add in an audio recording
    • Add pages as you see fit
  4. Use the i symbol within a book to:
    • Add a hyperlink to an image
    • Add alternative text for an image or drawing
    • Move images and text to the front or back
    • Delete an item
    • Change your text font, size, style, color, and justification
    • Change the background color
    • Enable other features, such as a soundtrack
  5. Open your book in iBooks or another compatible program, or export your book as an ePub, PDF, or video
  6. Rename your book and add an author from the My Books page if desired (tap the i on the My Books page for options)

Other Options:

  • Duplicate a book
  • Combine books
  • Copy books from iTunes
  • Alter iBook display settings
  • Undo any edit
  • Take a screenshot of a page to share
  • Show guides and grids to help you as to align images and text
  • View your book in thumbnail size by tapping on Pages; from here you can copy, insert, delete, and share individual pages
  • Tap Support for even more information about the app
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Instructional Ideas
  • Great for any language class, this would be a useful tool for creating storybooks, writing short explanations, creating vocabulary books, and more; kids can easily include images to go with their words
  • Have historians retell an event with words and images
  • Try out Book Creator during a creative writing unit; class members can create books and share their creative genius with one another
  • Scientists and mathematicians can describe a process or illustrate a problem
  • Export the final product as a video and have students create voiceovers for their written work
Classroom Considerations

It is easy to delete and edit a book, so you'll need to keep a close eye on students if they are all using the same device or a set of shared tablets. Have learners export their final products to keep a record of their work in case anything happens.

It's neat that you can edit items in the tutorial book, and practice features right on the page; however, this could also lead to some problems. You may need to check the content from time to time and consider making a PDF copy in case the original becomes edited beyond easy repair.

The developer also has a free version of Book Creator, which has fewer features.

  • Book Creator is easy to use and doesn't try to get too complicated—you have all the features you really need to make a fun or sophisticated book
  • The app is adaptable for any subject matter and just about any age
  • Allows individuals to publish their work on iBooks or as a PDF or video
  • None