Bookmark Weaving Loom

Combine class members' love of crafts and reading with one innovative lesson. Scholars create a one-of-a-kind woven bookmark using cardstock paper, yarn, and a needle. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Invite parents and guardians to support young learners as they craft their bookmark
  • Send instructions home over a long holiday break as an optional activity pupils may complete at their leisure 
  • After bookmarks are made, schedule time in the library and encourage the class to mark their spot using their new bookmark 
Classroom Considerations

  • Consider the safety of class members prior to bring in needles; use the hair clip substitution, especially for primary grades 
  • British English spelling patterns and terms are visible throughout the resource 

  • Offers detailed instructions
  • Provides options of budget-friendly materials to use instead of professional knitting materials 

  • None