Bowled Over - Isolating Variables

Through a captivating game of bowling and Slingshot Catbot, this video gives future engineers insight into the testing solutions part of the engineering process. It includes setting rules, isolating variables, and checking to see if the criteria for success is met. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Create a flipped classroom assignment; provide pupils with the link to watch at home then discuss the material when they return 
  • Brainstorm problems to solve and test your solutions using the engineering process   
Classroom Considerations

  • Here is the ninth episode in a series of 17 videos that discusses the engineering process

  • Meets criteria for Next Generation Science Standards
  • Learner engagement is enhanced through colorful graphics, cartoon images, sound effects, and kid-friendly jokes 

  • The host speaks rather quickly; pausing or replaying the episode may be necessary for scholars to take notes or answer questions