Brainstorming Map Array

Getting ideas down on paper is often the first step when starting a project or new unit of study. Try out this straightforward brainstorming map with your class. Learners write in a topic and use the six bubbles that branch out of the topic to note down ideas, facts, or other information about the topic.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners write one word or concept in each circle that branches out from the topic and then use the white space remaining to draw related pictures or make more detailed notes
  • Work on defining new terms by putting the vocabulary word or concept in the middle and using the circles for explanations, definitions, synonyms, and more

  • Since the graphic organizer is blank, you could use this for any topic that fits the format nicely

  • The bubbles and lines provided are relatively small, and learners won't be able to write much inside of each circle