Breaking it Down

After challenging themselves to correctly choose the form of erosion and length of time required for a given landform to develop, earth science class members model mechanical and chemical weathering with various lab demonstrations over two days' time. Video clips of erosion processes occurring in the Hawaiian islands can be shown, and the lesson can be concluded with an included Jeopardy review. Though the publisher states that the lesson was designed for high schoolers, it seems to be more appropriate for upper-elementary to middle school earth science classes.

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  • The combination of online interactives, videos, hands-on lab experiments, and a game make this a fun lesson 
  • Attractive worksheets are provided to help assimilate learning
  • Adaptable to Next Generation Science Standards

  • Links within the document to Types of Mechanical Weathering and Types of Mechanical Weathering interactives do not work; access them through Weathering and Climate in Lesson Planet's materials associated with this resource