Build a Spectroscope

Assist your emerging scientists with construction of their very own spectroscopes. Individuals construct a spectroscope to identify elements used in varying lights within a particular environment. They conclude the activity with a class discussion to relate the experiment to astronomy and identify tools used to view stars as well as other celestial objects. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class bring in various objects (from a predetermined list) so you can discuss the full range of the spectrum 
Classroom Considerations
  • Make certain all individuals use care when working with super glue or hot glue to avoid injury
  • Ensure all individuals use care when working with the utility knife to avoid cutting themselves or others
  • Lesson was published several years ago, when it may have been easier to find film canisters for classroom use
  • Includes assessment and worksheet to ensure the class understands objectives presented

  • Allows the ability to modify by either direct instruction or differentiated learning

  • Pupils learn more about their local environment by observing materials through the constructed spectroscope
  • None