Building the Seed Cathedral

This Building the Seed Cathedral video also includes:

Watch this inspiring TED Talk by architect Thomas Heatherwick on the creation of the Seed Cathedral. Heatherwick tells a story of innovation and sustainability through displaying five recent projects his firm has worked on. Your learners will be engaged by the way Heatherwick's firm has approached building construction and will be inspired to learn more. To help the flow of the lesson after learners watch the TED Talk, lead them to do the Think assessment with the support of the Dig Deeper resources and the Discuss question can be answered last or as a homework assignment. 

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  • The Open Discussion question invites learners to use all the materials provided in the TEDed lesson to think critically about the core values of the architectural firm in order to complete the writing assignment
  • The two open-answer questions in the Think section require critical thinking
  • The option to flip the lesson and customize it is ideal for any educator 



  • The four multiple choice questions in the Think assessment are not very in-depth they involve recalling of facts from the TED Talk