Bullying Awareness

As a teacher, it's likely you're seeing bullying at your school in some capacity. Use three activities as a refresher course for junior high schoolers on what bullying is, the severity of its consequences, and how they can make a significant impact. Find icebreakers, printable handouts, and role-play activities. Learners then create a life-sized hero who can stop bullying.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Start your class with envelopes on each students' desk, which have one of the printed bullying facts for class members to read as an anticipatory set
Classroom Considerations

  • Use attached links to find the videos referenced in activity; links in the lesson do not work

  • Learners are up and moving, working with one another, and really thinking about the positive impact they can have
  • Handouts are all included, ready to print

  • There is no activities list as mentioned in Activity A