Bump Tag

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Partner up the class. Break up one set of partners and assign one as a chaser and the other as a flee'er. The flee'er runs around the gym away from the chaser. If the flee'er is tagged, then he become the chaser. If the flee'er makes it to a pair sitting down, then he can sit on one side of the pair, bumping the person on the opposite end making that individual become the flee'er. This routine continues for however long you see fit.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Once the class gets the hang of the game, make two chasers and two flee'ers, or as many as you see fit
Classroom Considerations
  • Works best with an even number of students, but can be modified with an odd number
  • Ensure class members are being safe and do not run into other partners
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • No equipment is required
  • Allows for various modifications and multiple rounds
  • None