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Calculating Rainwater Runoff

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Thirsty plants soak up every bit of a rainfall, but what happens to the rain that hits the roof? Calculate the amount of rainwater from your school's roof with an Earth science activity, which brings measurement skills, observation skills, and research skills together in an engaging and educational activity.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Bring into your curriculum during a focus on conservation or Earth Day
  • Have your class research additional ways to save water in their community
  • Encourage learners to create awareness fliers to distribute in school, advising their peers about ways to conserve water
Classroom Considerations
  • The lesson assumes that your school has access to a cistern that collects rainwater
  • Doesn't provide a handout for learners to fill out, but you could copy and paste the assignment part onto another document to distribute
  • Comes with extension activities for group work or homework
  • Easy to modify for a wide range of grades and reading levels
  • None