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Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

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Unplugging from technology for one day per week will decrease your carbon footprint—are you up to the challenge? Part two in a series of three allows individuals to explore their personal carbon footprints. By first taking a quiz at home and then online the next day, pupils see how much carbon their lifestyle requires. They discuss their results and tally their groups' carbon footprint. The lesson closes by having individuals determine ways in which to realistically decrease their carbon emissions. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Collect students' carbon footprint data and display them in the school hallway for others to see; this will potentially spark discussion among learners outside of the classroom
  • Have classes assess the carbon footprint of their schools and/or districts and suggest ways in which this footprint could be decreased; share these with the principal or superintendent
Classroom Considerations
  • Activity provides four choices of computer carbon footprint calculators; preview all four and choose one to use in class 
  • Lesson is appropriate for eighth and ninth graders as well
  • Lesson includes background information, terms and their definitions, individual worksheets, extension ideas, and additional resources
  • By assigning the my carbon footprint activity as homework before the lesson, students begin the conversation of carbon footprints at home, which can be eye opening and educational
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