Can You Solve the Dark Coin Riddle?

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You're trapped in a dark castle with a pile of gold coins that a wizard will only allow you to leave with if you can solve his riddle. Math learners solve the riddle of the dark coin with the help of an engaging instructional video.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign for extra credit in an algebra class once pupils are finished with their work for the day, or have them complete it at home for some extra points
  • Encourage small groups to work together on the riddle as a warm-up activity before a lesson on probability
  • Use the video as an introduction to an inquiry-based project
  • Bring in double-sided coins or manipulatives for groups to perform the experiment themselves
Classroom Considerations
  • Solution begins at 1:50
  • Bonus riddle begins at 4:00, which is provided by the video's sponsor and ends in an advertisement
  • Pausing at 1:43 provides an overview of the puzzle, allowing learners time to figure it out for themselves
  • Provides a short comprehension assessment at the end of the video
  • None