Can You Solve the Seven Planets Riddle?

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Can you use math and logic to beat the bad guys? You can in space! Take an intergalactic trip into a seedy and speedy crime syndicate with the Seven Planets Riddle, which challenges two interstellar police officers to use deductive reasoning to catch wily rebels in ten moves or less.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use as the warm-up in a math class or at-home assignment for a chess club
  • Have partners or groups work together on the riddle and write their answers down secretly to see if they match the solution
  • Send the video home for extra credit for any subject
  • See if learners can adapt the riddle for another setting or situation
Classroom Considerations

  • Pause at 1:08 to go over the rules more carefully, and to avoid hearing the solution until class members are ready
  • Questions begin once the video ends, and the only way to return to the video is to refresh the page
  • Riddle ends at 4:30, and a bonus riddle plays for the rest of the six-minute video, though a commercial for the video's sponsor takes up some of that time

  • Riddle is thought provoking and enjoyably challenging
  • Animations keep class members interested and engaged
  • Bonus riddle combines math, deductive reasoning, aliens, Harry Potter, and Titanic

  • Solution to the bonus riddle is only accessible with a subscription to the sponsor's website