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Can You Spot the Problem with These Headlines? (Level 1)

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This Can You Spot the Problem with These Headlines? (Level 1) instructional video also includes:

What's the story behind the headlines for scientifically researched products? Viewers of a short video identify the fallacies in headlines designed to lure the unwary.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups investigate the headline for a health concern article and the sample size, whether or not there was a control group, and other factors involved in selecting the test subjects
  • Have class members bring in headlines that match those mentioned in the video
  • Have class members investigate the requirements for clinical trials using this website
Classroom Considerations
  • Ends with an ad for other media literacy skills videos in the series
  • Provides suggestions for what to look for in randomized, controlled trials, and observational studies
  • None
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