Carbon Footprints

Can one person really make a difference in the battle to reduce global warming? Absolutely! Viewers explore ideas for making less of an impact on our planet in the sixth installment of an eight-video series. Topics range from modes of transportation to home construction and sources of food — and the video explains how wise choices create smaller carbon footprints for everyone.

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Instructional Ideas

  • As you watch the video, have the class record ideas they see that they may already be doing
  • To gain perspective on why some areas of the world have smaller carbon footprints than others, show images of non-industrialized areas and start a discussion around the differences pupils see
Classroom Considerations

  • The content discussed is very user-friendly and requires no prior knowledge

  • The resource shows a variety of realistic ways to reduce your carbon footprint, explaining the effect of each
  • Statistics contained within the video are impactful and provide excellent examples of how industrialization leads to larger carbon footprints

  • None