Catch the Gingerbread Men Game

This Catch the Gingerbread Men Game activity & project also includes:

Catching men made of gingerbread motivates your young graphers to begin exploring the concept of finding a point in two-dimensional space. Learners practice locating each cookie by rolling two cubes (one with the letters a through f and the other with the numbers one through six), that produce the ordered pairs like (B, 5) or (A, 3).

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Instructional Ideas

  • Gummy bears, cheese crackers, or some other yummy snack can be used in place of the gingerbread men in this game
  • Encourage learners to pick a box by saying the letter first, then the number to get them thinking of a location in two-dimensional space as an ordered pair of coordinates; horizontal axis first, vertical axis second

  • Game directions and game pieces template included

  • Teachers may gain weight if they eat too many of the game pieces